Project and Development Management

Since I set up my own project management consultancy in 1993, I have developed and extended the range of services that I offer to embrace the management of the whole property development process.


This can begin with a site search and then onto negotiating the purchase of the site. Not only do I carry out the typical client side design and construction project management functions (see below) but I can also assist in the post completion, facilities management arrangements - a true 'cradle to grave' service. 


I provide all the services set out in the RICS Standard Form of Appointment for a Project Manager (see The core services are :


- Convene and chair all project meetings

- Attend meetings as required

- Establish a structure and procedure for the project

  (Project Execution Plan)

- Direct the project team and issue instructions as required

- Prepare project reports in a style, format and frequency to be agreed

- Monitor and report on the performance of the project team

- Monitor and report on actual progress against planned

- Monitor and report on project budgets

  (incorporating building cost reports from the Cost Consultant)

- Check and advise on all relevant payments




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